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  • Member: celebgil05
  • Title: DBSK - Triangle FF7
  • Premiered: 2006-02-27
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    • DBSK feat. Trax and BoA Triangle
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  • Comments: This is mostly a vid that is the music video for the song Triangle by the korean bands DBSK, Trax and BoA. I thought of this vid because when I saw the music video I thought, wow those guys look like anime characters. Anyway, this has some boy bandishness, some heavy metal and some of the girl singing too. I thought it went nicely with Final Fantasy 7, though there are two or three clips from 8 I think. If you're uber paranoid about spoilers, don't watch because I'm not sure if there are any in it. You see, I've never actually seen Final Fantasy, but I'm pretty sure it's spoiler free. Anyway, it's something pretty different from most of the FF7 vids you see. Hope you enjoy, and if you do, PLEASE leave an opinion!

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