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  • Member: Ashyukun
  • Studio: No-Brand Videos
  • Title: Now We're Gonna Get Bigger Guns
  • Premiered: 1997-08-08
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    • AC/DC Big Gun
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  • Comments: Original version, take 2 (circa. 1997)

    The \'Big Gun\' video was our first foray into making an anime music video, and all told I think that it turned out quite well, even ignoring that it was our first video. The idea started off with us goofing around using a few VCRs and soon migrated to our school\'s mutli-media lab to make it in earnest. This video probably took the longest of all of them to make due to our having to learn how to use Premiere from the ground up and the A/V production computer being somewhat new and less than cooperatirve at times. But, we had a lot of fun with it and were quite proud of the end result. I\'m currently working on re-mastering the video entirely off of DVD source, which will unfortunately necessitate some content changes (I don\'t think there were or ever will be DVDs released even in Japan of a few of the anime used...)

    The original equipment was a P-200 (I think, that computer has been upgraded by the school so many times I forget what it started off as) with a -really- nice capture card called the Plum card. It was put together using Premiere.

    The intro at the beginning is from a somewhat obscure Rutger Hauer B-movie called "Split Second". It's -great- for quotes :p

    Well, the Donut/Carrot is now up and running, so I can finally make my older videos available for people to download and watch. I'll be blunt- the video quality on this file leaves something to be desired. This video was originally created in 1996- this version (which actually has better quality footage for a number of the scenes) was done roughly a year later- all off of VHS tapes. I've fiddled with a number of filters and such, but there's just no real way to make it look nearly as good as anything made from DVD today (well, at least in terms picture-quality :p ). I do hope you'll be able to get past the picture quality problems, and enjoy the video. This is where it all began for me. :)

    EDIT: OK, after several quickcomments saying essentially, "the video quality sucked" allow me to point out that I quite clearly state above that this video was created over a decade ago using VHS source, was output to VHS tape, and then digitized off VHS tape and compressed for distribution- of course it's going to look bad. One of these days I'll get around to making the DVD-sourced remaster, but until then the VHS-captured source is what is available.

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