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  • Member: 1stAgent
  • Studio: FirstAgent Productions
  • Title: Forget Tomorrow
  • Premiered: 2006-04-22
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    • Simple Plan Jump
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  • Comments: Kino's Journey- a remarkable, and remarkably under-utilized series. Each episode is something different, and the series offers a little bit of everything... which makes it awfully difficult to describe because the basic summary of "kid explores different worlds" doesn't really do it justice. Let's just say this- it's a gorgeous series, it's an intelligent series, and there's enough action and angst to keep anyone entertained. And the main character fights a ninja in episode 6. :)

    The idea for this AMV came very quickly while watching episode 4 (the backstory episode that comprises about 1/3 of the video) at my local anime club. The song, from a CD recommended to me by my sister, is about somebody who is stuck in a rut (just a rut, not a "world is ganging up to destroy me" kind of thing) and just wants to break free. Kino does exactly that, jumping from country to country with no final destination. On the way, Kino discovers that the rest of the world isn't a whole lot better. The only way to stay happy- keep jumping and ignore both the past and future.

    Unlike my first video, where I tried to develop a proper flow to create a sincere feel (although the song and subject matter clearly made it satirical), this time I went with the song- I jumped. Witness the rapid cuts of unrelated scenes and characters (although keen eyes will notice patterns), and using fades and cuts at various different beats (although again- there is a method to it all). The most noticeable development, of course, is that it starts out as a simple cut/fade video, but gradually builds to incorporated blends and a few opaque digital effects (something I typically shy away from). The end result is a portrait of the series and Kino- while everything is linked in some cosmic way, the traveler observes only the present, with no regard for what lies ahead.

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