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  • Member: Otohiko
  • Title: milkfight.avi
  • Premiered: 2006-02-26
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    • TU Misery DieDieDie (demo)
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  • Comments: Good evening hippies.
    A brief excercise in creative irresponsibility. Batshit android; gunfight with buystanders ahoy.

    Why milkfight? Milk products astray. Milked anime scene 55 second in lenth, further milked dry and turned into a 45-second "AMV". Thus milkfight.

    A 'drum and bass' duo, as one might call it in most basic of terms; the pair consists of Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto, who happen to have been the last active King Crimson's rhythm section. Pat is a drummer famed for his creative use of mixed acoustic-electronic drumkits, beatboxes and loops; Trey plays an unusual instrument called Warr Guitar - a large 9-to-13-string touch guitar with the range of a piano. TU are a rather obscure but fun duo, and have played gigs in all sorts of places from Russia to Japan. They are also known for their 'combination' project recently, known as KlusterTU or KTU, where they joined forces with the avant-garde Finnish duo Kluster.

    MiseryDieDieDie was TU's first demo available for download sometime in late 2003.
    (thus, yes, it is downloaded, originally here: - no longer available )

    The intro note is from TUNER: Loopy Llama. (Pat Mastelotto + Markus Reuter)


    Video actually took well above average in terms of effort for me - approximately 7.5 hours of straight editing. Exactly because I had little room to manuever in footage, and had to take care of precise timing and filtering. I was happy with it, and I'm happy with the result.

    Space Groove Mk. Asswind
    Athlon 2400+
    1024MB DDR RAM
    GeForce 6800OC
    80GB HD + 120GB External
    Premiere 6.5, VirtualDub


    Thanks to jasper-isis for letting me whine about not editing for too long.

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