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  • Member: Pakalik
  • Studio: Hoodrat Production
  • Title: NARUTO-Believe Me
  • Premiered: 2006-02-21
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    • Fort Minor Believe Me
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  • Comments: I was just listning to the Fort Minor CD The Rising Tied, on the bus form school, and when i got to the song believe me, the tension between naruto and sasaka just poped in my mind. And i thought that it would make a good amv, And thier are hardly any amvs with fort minor, with only 1 naruto.

    So i spent about a little more than a month, getting the episodes, and making the amv.
    I tried so hard to find raw episodes but i cound't, so please forgive me thiers subtitles.

    I tried to use as little fighting as i could, since it didn't fit the song all that well, thiers only 2 times were physical contact accures. So if you want a Action Packed amvs like the rest of my amvs you wont find it in this one, but its still good.
    I have about 3 or 4 accounts of lip sync in it. Still an amatur at it but its good.

    If I havn't said what episodes this features yet, it form the 6 or 7 episodes from the Naruto vs. Sasake fight. Episodes 128-134.

    Please feel free to leave comments.
    Hope you enjoy it!

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