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  • Member: JessyChan
  • Studio: Windows Movie maker 2
  • Title: RPG music Television! A Tale of the Random Inspirations!
  • Premiered: 2006-02-22
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • DHT Listen to Your Heart (techno remix)
    • DJ CRYSTAL Come on Down!
    • Falling Up Contact
    • Frou Frou Hear me out
    • Gwen Stefani Rich Girl
    • Haddaway What Is Love?
    • Jennifer Lopez Waiting for Tonight
    • Linkin Park My December
    • Muse Time is Running Out
    • Sarah McLachlan Adia
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is what happens when you get random inspirations, and they go unfinished.
    IF ANYONE WANTS ME TO CONTINUE ANY OF THE AMVS that will remain unfinished unless emailed. Email me @ and not only will it be DEDICATED to your name, but be worked on and more motivated to finish! =)


    If you watch these and get your own inspirations, PLEASE don't take my darn ideas. I've been seeing then frequently around the .org, and I'm not impressed. Put your own work on this site. I don't mind if you take the song and the same clips I used, just at LEAST rearrange them differently and add your OWN individual flair. & tell me so I can watch them and lovelovelove em.

    That is all; please be original and respectful.

    Hope ya enjoy. =D It's hecka-weird.

    NOTES: In total, the amv is 7 minutes and 59 seconds long. =)

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