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  • Member: anneke
  • Studio: Baka Deshi Productions!
  • Title: Mr. Alucard
  • Premiered: 2006-05-26
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    • Styx Mr.Roboto
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  • Comments: Project Started Nov. 12th 2005 - Finished Feb. 20th 2006.

    I'll put full details on the video, after it premieres at Fanime. This video took FOREVER to make. I can't say how much I hated working with the Hellsing DVDs which are both Progressive and Interlaced. So I would randomly get frames inserted into the video. I call it bleed over. I would then have to go back into the project and cut out the offending frames, and output again, and then new evil bleed over frames would appear. It wasn't on the DVD that way, as it would take scenes from just near by in the video. It was INCREDIABLLY frustrating to work on it this way. Near the end of the project, I would even output the video and there would be a bleed over frame, and going back into the project the bleed over frame wouldn't appear. I would have to count frames and make cuts based on my guesses. You would just the scene and the scene in another video track would split as well. Some how video tracks were bind themselves together and leaving bleed over frames. This was SOOOO frustrating. This added so much extra time to the video. But it's done now. Happy Dance! The video will be going to Fanime and Anime Expo, and who knows where else. It's my 'major' project for the year. I hope people enjoy it, once I put it up.

    Oh and the choice of's a reference to 'the matrix'. Hello Mr. Alucard... But the music has nothing to do with the matrix. I just kept hearing that voice... 'Why hello Mr. Alucard' while working on the video.

    *It didn't make the finals at Fanime 2006, oh well. But I've now revealed the 'music' used for this video. I'll put it on-line shortly.

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