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  • Member: jasper-isis
  • Studio: Allegretto Productions
  • Title: Duel of Blades
  • Premiered: 2006-02-19
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    • Shiro Sagisu She Said, 'Don't Make Others Suffer For Your Personal Hatred'
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  • Comments: A few of you may remember the Third Impact Project, a MEP that Ben Harris (themaan) started up during the fall of 2004. When the project died due to lack of interest about a year later, I was left with a project segment that I was happy with but didn't want to release due to its "rawness" at the beginning and end.

    The file sat on my computer for months. Then one day, I came across a complete version of the song that was used in my segment. I listened to the song and thought that it was actually pretty interesting, especially the parts that had been left out of my track. After rewatching my old project segment a couple of times, I decided to finally turn the neglected track into a complete AMV.

    In editing this video, I redid the preexisting portion from scratch because there were little editing slip-ups in the video that I had learned to correct over time. I decided to fill in the beginning and ending with Jubei-chan 2, a recent series with some amazing swordplay that I had been dying to use in an AMV. The Jubei footage turned out to be harder to edit with than I had expected. The action was very fluid and extremely fast-paced, which did not pair up too well with the crisp, staccato nature of the music. I spent a good many hours messing around with speed and timing and cuts to sort of create "hooks" in the footage that the music can "catch" on.

    This video had started out as a half-hearted move to tie up loose ends; it soon turned into a high-priority project that I am now very proud of. The result is a rapid, energy-charged showcase of choreographed swordplay. If you're looking for a short-but-sweet action video to get the beat going, give this AMV a try, and let me know what you think. :)

    Special thanks to krzT and Otohiko for thoughts and nitpicks.

    Update 04-23-07:

    This video is now available from the local server in the .mp4 container with video and audio encoded in H.264 and AAC formats, respectively. I have taken down the XviD copy because this version is of better quality, higher resolution, and smaller filesize. If for some reason you still wish to obtain the XviD edition, contact me and I'll try to upload it for you somewhere.

    To play this video, I recommend that you download and install the Combined Community Codec Pack. Be sure to follow the instructions on their wiki! If the idea of installing a codec pack makes you feel queasy (which it probably should), you can play the file using VLC Media Player. Both of these playback methods have good reputations and are highly recommended.

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