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  • Member: Lemonpez
  • Studio: Majelic Productions
  • Title: Anime Outtakes
  • Premiered: 2006-02-19
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    • LucasArts Scumm Bar (Main)
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  • Comments: I love Monkey Island and I miss hanging around other people that do so to vent here is a little amv that I find amusing. I only wish I could have gotten some better seens for some comparisons. This is my first video I've put a logo type thing in at the end. I like it right now because it holds the information and can still be recognizable.

    Below are just my opinions on the clips so I'd say watch it first and read this after or whatever floats your boat.

    Overstayed welcome: .hack//sign-it's just true

    Gambling problem: Gankustuou-had a few ideas for this one but the actual seen in the episode is so dramatic I just had to die it down.

    You Kill My Father: Naruto-this was the first thing I thought of and it made me chuckle cause it's so true (and yet Sasuke is still annoying)

    Monkey and Thrill: Getbackers- When I think of "monkey" and "anime" I think of getbackers or supergals but getbackers seemed to fit more

    Divorced: Utena-he's a pimp...the end

    Drinking Problem: Cowboy Bebop-"all they do is drink and smoke in that show" It may be true but I've heard it enough times to punch a clock for no reason

    Lovable Pirate: OnePiece-who doesn't adore luffy? Also the 4kids was suppose to reflect the line about Lucus arts(sp?)

    Running for Governor: Fullmetal Alchemist-I'd vote for him, also couldn't think of anyone else who would fit as nicely at the time.

    Inspector Threepwood: YuYuHakushio- Honestly, I put this one in for a friend. I haven't seen enough of the show to explain why it fits but I'll trust and amuse her.

    Want to be Held: Evangelion-oh make it stop, it fits the most and I figure I might get more hits but this is one of those where it would have been nice to get better footage

    Lice Free: Yakitatte-Because he's bald he's lice free^_^

    Willing to accept: Ranma 1/2-I adore Nabiki and I think she really would take a bribe or two

    First mate Timmy: Gravitation-Honestly I used this one because I have a perverted mind and if you don't get it I don't blame you but I don't want to explain it either

    Booty Fever Baby: Yakitatte-Would have been better to get a different angle or something while he's speaking but boy he can move it when he dances

    Captain Threepwood: Captain Tylor-Tylor is awesome and starts out under the age of 22 as well. I thought that much would fit enough. Oh, and the gate to hell is a screenshot on a website.

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