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  • Member: Kragdrim
  • Studio: Fantasy Movies
  • Title: C mon Style
  • Premiered: 2006-02-18
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  • Song:
    • Marcel et son Orchestre Tout l'temps t'aimer toujours
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  • Comments: Warning : The AMV has almost nothing but inside jokes!

    [b]C mon style [/b]

    Title: C mon style
    It s the french title. The title in english might be : It's my style.

    Music :
    Artist: Marcel et son Orchestre
    Song: Tout l'temps t'aimer toujours

    Amv use :

    Dark Krystal :

    Tyler :
    -Tsumibito no kashou
    -Beautiful Lie
    -Sweet Revenge
    -Kill Spike
    -Tormented Love

    -Shounen Bushidou
    -Love United

    -Those cursed memories

    -Super Mega

    -End of Variations - Diversions
    -Chase After Your Life

    -Nature's Kingdom
    -Always Hardcore


    Kragdrim (me ^^ ) :
    -All For My love
    -Any music can't save the world.
    -Variation ForEver.
    -Birds of a feather ....

    I just want to thank the editors who allowed me to use their clips.
    I requested thier permission, and they accepted.

    What are the goals of this AMV.

    I had a dream one day.
    I had a dream one day. And I have to realize it... Maybe I have to try to do it.
    My dream was seeing Tyler make an anthem-like AMV.
    My dream was seeing Istiv make an anti-lip-sync AMV with any rotoscoping.
    My dream was seeing Willow--) know how to make an AMV.
    My dream was seeing p0d make an AMV one more time.
    My dream was seeing Tyler... No for the last time I don't want to see a Mouse.
    My dream was seeing Atvaark make a normal AMV that one guy can love.
    My dream was seeing Nostromo use good music
    My dream was seeing Smahut destroy their brains in WOW

    A lot of dreams. They aren't perhaps fully realized in reality, so I have decided to make their dreams by myself.

    But, the main problem is, everybody has their own style when making an AMV. I have my style, Istiv has his style etc... ( except for Willow--), he has nothing ).

    If there is something to remember after seeing this AMV, I think it's the final sentence :

    "Le style n'a aucune importance, ce sont les émotions que vous exprimez qui comptent" Björk

    Translate :
    "Style doesn't matter, only the emotions that you express count" Björk

    So it's a good AMV. I expect that you'll enjoy it.

    Warning : The AMV has almost nothing but inside jokes!


    Music and Translation :

    Sur un papier à lettres parfumé
    tu m'avais soigneusement recopié
    le plus beau slow de les scorpions
    ça m'avait inondé d'émotions

    J'étais bien, y'avait moyen
    on se promenait main dans la main
    et le dimanche j'étais content
    d'aller manger chez tes parents

    C'est mon style loving you
    qui m'a fait, qui me fait, me fera t'aimer toujours

    Ton père est un brave type formidable
    Il m'appelait min camarade
    Après les quatorze apéros
    on bricolait ma belle auto

    On f'sait du tuning
    sur les parkings "en jogging"
    On décorait de pèpéres Kinder
    "la plage arrière"

    {au Refrain}

    On coulait des jours heureux
    jusqu'à ce drame affreux
    un refus de priorité
    t'as bousillé ma caisse
    ma belle customisée

    Quand on t'a désincarcérée
    j'ai pas pu récupérer
    j'ai regardé partir
    ma collec' d'accessoires
    que t'avais reçue en pleine poire

    Il me reste pour me consoler
    les clichés qu'ton père avait fait
    Lundi j'irais montrer tout ça
    à "C'est mon choix"

    {au Refrain}

    On a letter scented with perfume
    You had carefully copied me again
    The most beautiful slow-dance of the scorpions
    That had flooded my emotions

    I was well, most of the time
    We would walk hand-in-hand
    And on Sunday I was glad
    To go eat at your parents' place

    That's my style loving you
    That made me, that makes me, will always make me love you

    Your father is a brave strong fellow
    He would call me his comrade
    After the fourteenth aperitif
    My beautiful car was repaired

    Tuning was done
    On the parking lots "while jogging"
    Kinder Grandpas were decorated
    "The backwards beach"


    Happy days flew by
    Until this horrible drama
    A refusal to give in
    My case messed you up
    My customized beauty

    When you were released from prison
    I couldn't recuperate
    I watched you leave
    My collection of accessories

    That you had received in full pear
    I have yet to comfort myself
    The clichés that your father had made
    Monday I would show all that
    With "It's my choice"


    PS : Big Thanx Patrick Hulse ! ! (Vraiment Merci beaucoup.)

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