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  • Member: FlyingFryingPan
  • Title: Obligatory Utena Movie Video
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • 7 Mary 3 Water's Edge
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  • Comments: Well, what can I say... it was obligatory... and the first music video I finished, yay. When I started this I worked off of an imported copy of the tape my friend had that was watched twenty thousand times. To this date I have yet to see the film in a language I understand, I've only seen it in raw Japanese. I get the feeling that I won't understand it any better. As to the technical details, I was working off bad copy of the movie, and was using virtual dub program to make this. I love Virtual Dub but trying to make this, my first attempt at more than a minute of editing, got to be very tedious. Well I feel that it came out well and it went over well at Otakon 2001 on the overflow tapes. (Spoiler Alert) I got a particularly good feeling from the gasps and screams that I elicited from the Gundam Wing fangirl masses when Akio stabs Anthy.

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