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  • Member: Coffee 54
  • Studio: Crazy Vegeta Productions
  • Title: L.L.o.L.E.
  • Premiered: 2006-02-15
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  • Song:
    • Veruca Salt Volcano Girls
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  • Comments:
    The Lovely Ladies of Last Exile, or L.L.o.L.E. for short. Random-Shoujo-Action video, I beleive that's the catagory this video fits in. Originally she was only going to feature the three girls with the strongest connections to Claus, the main character. That is to say, Lavie Head, Tatiana Wisla, and Alvis Hamilton. Now, while they're certainly volcanic enough to carry the video, I came across too many scenes I wanted to use featuring other, equally volcanic, cast members. Therefore I expanded the focus to include Lady Delphine, Alistia, Sophia, Donya, and even Dio Eracles. Please note, while Dio is not 'technically' a 'girl', he hits on Claus enough to earn a limited role in this video. Enjoy...

    Production Notes:
    My first impluse when watching Last Exile was to make a drama vid. The series lends itself perfectly to this genre, and I had gem of an idea too. However, the lion's share of all Last Exile videos are drama, and a lot of them are very, very good. I didn't want my first foray into this series to be something done so often, so well. So instead I opted for Shoujo-Action. Lavie, the orange haired girl, provides the light-hearted action. Tatiana, the brooding pilot, delivers the aerial combat. Lastly young Alvis, brings in the cuteness. Ahhhh, the cuteness. It's also worth noting that the direct inspiration for this video came from an old Tenchi Muyo! video by Amanda Race and Dan Gallacher using the same song. Please note, I have no idea who Amanda Race and Dan Gallacher are, I just really liked their video.

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