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  • Member: Fuujin_no_Mai
  • Title: FFAC- Carols Of Fantasy
  • Premiered: 2006-02-14
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    • Trans Siberian Orchestra ft. Metallica Carol of the Bells
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  • Comments: Oh my god... this is my first movie and it came out near perfect! Well, to me anyways. Ruka2990 and I have been talking about making a video to this. She gave me the footage AND the music. I worked many days on this baby. I wanted the timing of everthing perfect.
    I used a good bit of Tifa's Church Battle scene b/c it had such perfect rythm.... and i'm a major Tifa fan ^_^
    Some things I didn't expect to happen is Cloud's steps actually going to the background bells, bikes lading to the rythm, and reno attacking and getting locked out. ROFL!
    A few things that I DID that I did plan on was-
    The ending where Aeis turned around and opened her eyes
    When Sephiroth asks "Intresting...what made you stronger?" and the images of Tifa, Marlene, and Denzel flash, giving cloud the strength to knock back his opponent.
    I had to make some changes before I actually submited it. Hope You enjoy
    ((Dance of the Wind Blades))

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