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  • Member: Meilin1
  • Studio: MeilinII Productions
  • Title: Sasuke, Become the Legend!!
  • Premiered: 2006-01-29
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    • Evangelion Cruel Angel's Thesis
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  • Comments: This is a video done by me on my birthday, to a song that I think fits Sasuke perfectly. In it, I compare Cursed Sasuke to the ‘cruel angel’ and portray Sasuke as the young boy it describes. In the overlap in the second instrumental, I did my best to portray that because Sasuke is an avenger, for him ‘Love is a Sin’ (ai ga fusei). I’m not going to tell you whether I mean that as a pain for Sakura, or Naruto (Or Both!), but I will take you step by step in my translation and interpretation of the song. Also, for the record, whereever I knew a Japanese word, I lyric synced a bit. For instance, 'Wind' at 0:36, 'Wings' and 1:16, 'Sky' at 1:34 and 'Moon' around 2:43

    Note: This is more or less supposed to be read after watching the vid, or while watching the vid, as a way for you to better understand it. You don’t have to agree with my logic, but you can understand it.

    Like a cruel angel,
    young boy, become the legend!

    I’ve already said, I think of Sasuke as a cruel angel when cursed, though he is young, and will be legendary.

    A blue wind is now
    knocking at the door to your heart, and yet
    you are merely gazing at me
    and smiling.

    This is kind of from Naruto’s and Sakura’s POV here. The wind that changed Sasuke still blowing, he’s gone from heartless and cold, to caring enough about Naruto that he would give up his life for him. When Sasuke did, (or appeared to, as the case turned out to be) he did it with a grin on his face.

    Something gently touching--
    you're so intent on seeking it out,
    that you can't even see your fate yet,
    with such innocent eyes.

    Sasuke was so intent on telling Naruto everything before his death, that he couldn’t see what was awaiting him.... He couldn’t see what would happen to him BECAUSE of what had happened to him when he was young and innocent.

    But someday I think you'll find out
    that what's on your back
    are wings that are for
    heading for the far-off future.

    Someday Sasuke will figure out that the Uchiha symbol upon his back is not meant to brand him an avenger, but a protector, someone who will live beyond the moment he defeats his brother, or so Sakura and Naruto hope.

    The cruel angel's thesis
    will soon take flight through the window,
    with surging, hot pathos,
    if you betray your memories.
    Embracing this sky [universe] and shining,
    young boy, become the legend!

    The narrowed view of the curse will soon fly from the window, freeing Sasuke from that pitiable state, but if he does not forget his oath against Itachi, he will only become more deplorable. As Sasuke grew more comfortable with Naruto and Sakura, and embraces their differences, he comes closer to being a Shinobi worth remembering!

    The Second Instrumental

    For the first part, I wondered what the young Sasuke would’ve thought if he knew that he became a monster, just as his brother was. His brother killed his family, and he was a mindless destroyer. Who was the real fiend here? I think the younger, innocent Sasuke would’ve been depressed by such an occurrence.

    Okay, for the overlap here, I did not have a translation . Happy? I only had a translation for the last line, a Japanese/English dictionary, a vague idea of what it was about and determination. The translation for the last line that I had was ‘love is a sin/wrongdoing,’ and I used that to help me deduce the meaning of the text. More or less, this part is meant to be about Sasuke’s refusal to be close to people, and even when he wants to get close to Naruto and Sakura, he ends up having to push them away for the sake of his dream. Fact is, love gets in the way of killing, and it presents a weakness to someone ruthless enough to use others against you, so for Sasuke, Sakura’s affections and Naruto’s admiration would’ve been a liability. Though their concern for him had helped him with the curse, it could only hurt them all against Itachi and other dangerous opponents.

    Sleeping for a long time
    in the cradle of my love
    The morning is coming when you alone will be called
    by a messenger of dreams.

    I’m kind of thinking of this as Sakura or Naruto thinking that no matter what Sasuke says or does, they believe the time will come when he will return as the good guy he used to be.

    Moonlight reflects off
    the nape of your slender neck.
    Stopping time all throughout the world
    I want to confine them, but...

    I kinda thought of this is Sasuke wanting to contain his feelings for Sakura and Naruto in the back of his heart, but he couldn’t.

    So if two people being brought together by fate
    has any meaning,
    I think that it is a "bible"
    for learning freedom.

    I interpreted this as Sasuke finally figuring out what he needs to do to move past his history, to be free of the curse and of Itachi.

    The cruel angel's thesis.
    The sorrow then begins.
    You held tight to the form of life
    when you woke up from that dream.
    You shine brighter than anyone else.
    Young boy, become the legend!

    When Sasuke finally pushes through all the pain, and wants to live for himself and not as an avenger, then he will be better than all others!

    People create history
    while weaving love.
    Even knowing I'll never be a goddess or anything like that,
    I live on.

    I could only interpret this as Sasuke finding a reason to live besides killing, in his relationships with his friends. He knew he could never erase his past pain, or the horrible things he did, but he’ll live on.

    The cruel angel's thesis
    will soon take flight through the window,
    with surging, hot pathos,
    if you betray your memories.
    Embracing this sky and shining,
    young boy, become the legend!

    Now that you’re sick of hearing me talk...

    Sasuke! Become the Legend!

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