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  • Member: Vega Sailor
  • Title: Inuyasha - Bleed the Sky
  • Premiered: 2006-02-13
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    • Reveille Bleed The Sky
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  • Comments: Basically this idea came to be when I watched Inuyasha Movie 3 and saw the scene with the blood dripping down the roof top, and the lyric "I wanna bleed the sky" poped into my head. So I took that scene edited to that lyric, and then it just sort of expanded from there.

    It was a great contrast of this really dark music to the cartoonish animation style of Inuyasha. Also it gave me a chance to go crazy with special effects. I tell you it was hard to turn an 80 minute movie into a 5 minute fast paced action video.

    I tried really hard to make the clips fit the creepy mood of the song, and the lyrics.

    "Systematically layered beneath the understated..."

    I just liked the shot of the rock and blood slowly covering Sesshoumaru's face, it just felt right for this lyric.

    "The boarderland calling me home..."

    Inuyasha returning to the feudal era through the well, in his true demonic state.

    "Curiousity has taken it's toll empathetic..."

    Both Takemaru and InuTaisho were entranced by Izayoi, and ended up fighting to the death for her.

    "Into the darkness, I fall alone...

    Takemaru's obsession for Izayoi and his hate of Inu no Taisho has twisted his heart and turned him toward the darkness.

    "Hear what you say when you whispered the truth of your lies..."

    Sesshoumaru believed his father Inu no Taisho cheated and betrayed him by loving and having a child with the human Izayoi, and then the powerful sword Tetsusaiga to that said child, instead of him.

    "I want to fly over falling stars..."

    Sesshoumaru wants the powerful swords from his father in order to walk the path of world conquest, and he is willing to fight his father for them.

    "How I love breathing into this lifelessness?"

    Because he is a hanyou, Inuyasha has lived a hard, sad life, and walks a lonely road.

    "Reminds me I can't paint like god..."

    Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru to some extent, believe they can never measure up to the greatness of their father, who is like god to them.

    " Say no more..."

    Sesshoumaru is in the shadow of his father's true form.

    "Say no more..."

    The demon rage in Inuyasha is taking over him.

    "Say no more..."

    The brothers fight for the the power their father once had.

    "Carve me a smile make it deep and wide and mortal..."

    Even in his full demon form Sesshoumaru's blood runs as fast and as red as his half mortal brother.

    "Drain my eyes till the sky goes pop..."

    Inuyasha's eyes glaze over red and his true power of destruction is brought forth.

    "Bleeding out in my own idolatry for you..."

    Izayoi sees Inu no Taisho 's image in her son, and she grieves terribly for him.

    "My adoration dripping drop, by drop, by drop..."

    InuTaisho thinks of his loved ones as he is dying from his wounds. He loves both his son Sesshoumaru and Izayoi.

    "Can't get enough symphony in their eyes to eden..."

    Both Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha see their father one final time.

    "Enter me my last chance for hope..."

    InuTaisho hopes Tensaiga will be able to resurrect his true love.

    "Had a god, but I fucked her all the way, because couldn't feel what I wrote..."

    In his blind obsession and worship for her Takemaru became so enraged that sh had fallen in love with a demon over him, he decided to kill the thing he loved, so that no other could have her.

    "Say No more..."

    And then all hell broke loose.

    I hope you enjoy this video. I want to submit it to Sakura CON so I really need feedback it to make sure it is the best it can be before I submit it!

    Thank you!

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