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  • Member: guy07
  • Title: Guys (idea of a) Valentines AMV
  • Premiered: 2006-02-13
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    • Bloodhound Gang The Bad Touch
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  • Comments: Just so you know, this video has NOTHING to do with Vday except the title. It's just another really prevy video that happened to be finished just before Vday. This video is very strange indeed. I mixed excel saga and evangelion ....i don't think that's ever been done b4. I don't need to post the lyrics to this song cuz i think we all know the lyrics. I had to rush the video a bit because i wanted it to be up for Vday. Other then a few glitches it's a good video. I did some rotoscoping and added in a few things i havn't done before, hope it turned out ok.

    The file size is small isn't it? That's cuz i used 23 fps instead of 30 like most ppl do (i also used xvid to help). The quality is good in the audio and the video (there's only one small blip in the audio). And sorry about the Hippy-ish intro and outro ....i just felt compeled to do it. ALSO! it's got some of my music featured in the video. cool huh? That's about it.

    WARNING: The video contains subject matter that nobody should view. It may very well be the most offensive amv on the org yet.

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