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  • Member: FoxJones
  • Title: Captain's Shooting Company
  • Premiered: 2006-02-12
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  • Song:
    • Ayreon the Shooting Company of Captain Frans B. Cocq
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  • Comments: It was about time I started making my more serious projects. Funny videos are fun to make and watch, but I really need to do something else for a change.

    Warnings about this AMV:
    - It's an epic one... lasting 8 minutes.
    (it has a story though, and I hope I managed to make it easy to follow one)
    - It focuses mainly on the musketeers and again I played with the scenes as I liked, changing some meanings.. but some spoilers are still there.

    What I want to say first is that I really like Ayreon's Universal Migrator. It's the best storytelling-based (double) album that I have heard so far. Songs in it are long, moody and (with the story imbedded) gave me the chills. One of my favourite songs is the Shooting Company of Captain Frans B. Cocq which is in the first album, The Dream Sequencer. I truly hope I did some justice to it with this AMV. The song itself is almost 8 minutes long so it was clear to me from the very beginning that I would need a solid concept. It was a no-brainer to combine the song with Last Exile's musketeers. The song itself has a clear theme (at least this is how I interpreted it) where brave young lads go to battle heads up high, looking for glory. Instead in the end they find out what fighting really is like. All this can be heard in the music and this is what I tried to emphasize in this AMV.

    This was a hard one to make. Again I had a clear image on how I wanted it to end up looking like.. and once again I had to alter the original concept. Also for some reason I couldn't edit more than about 2h a day before my brain would freeze. It took several weeks and around 22h to make. Not including preparations (clipping) and some photoshopping (thanks to Akahito for help and advice on that).


    I'm standing proud
    in this noble crowd
    my banner rised high - the coat of arms of Amsterdam
    to the mystic sky - a magic light enchants the land

    we're marching on
    the shooting company of Captain Frans B. Cocq

    my uniform shines - the livery of a high born man
    the Claw-guild signs - immortalized by the master's hand
    light and shade - with colours rich and brushwork bold
    night and day - with shadows black and armours gold

    we're marching on
    the shooting company of Captain Frans B. Cocq

    I'm standing proud
    in this noble crowd
    in our golden age - eternalised by the artist's hand
    a glorious page - in the history of our tiny land

    we're marching on
    up to the battlefields to where the spirits walk
    the shooting company of Captain Frans B. Cocq

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