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  • Members (9): Infinity Squared, Kadaj, Lockstock, Nessephanie, OropherZero, Purge, Yues woman, bluetrain, jubjub2
  • Title: Piyush Juneja - Nine Tailed Mix
  • Premiered: 2006-02-12
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    • DJ Encore Talk To Me
    • Dj Tiesto Take Me Away
    • Tess The Second You Sleep (I watch you fade away)
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    WINNER: Best Overall AMV AI Con 2006

    Welcome to the first ever video produced by Amvience Studios, in collaboration with other great AMV creators from all over the place, meeting together in the Amvience Studios forums. This video composition is a result of the crew daring to put together something which is not only hard on its own but even moreso when it wasn't really the style of anyone in the group, specifically, a dance mix video.

    First and foremost, this video was created to compete in the emerging anime convention in Hobart, Australia, AI Con (Anime Island Convention). In the competition itself, the videos were split into their separate songs as they would have been disqualified for being over the time limit and the introduction you see in this mixed version doesn't exist in the Take Me Away segment shown on the competition (rather is a full track AMV done to Noein). The idea was brought to the open on January 1, 2006 and soon after production started. AI Con AMV competitions themselves closed on the 18th of February, and essentially, the full video was completed by 10th of February. In essence, this was probably a rather short time, but the results were great nonetheless.

    Piyush Juneja... what does this mean? It's a case of extreme relaxation, sometimes attributed to consumption of curry. It is a name chosen as we were trying for a unique and artistically open interpreted theme as in essence, this video has a variety of editing style depending on not only who is doing the editing but also on the scenes being portrayed. The term Nine Tailed Mix might have its roots in the whole Naruto universe but it was only chosen in this case for there were 9 AMV creators who participated in its making.

    Here's how the video segments were broken down:

    Take Me Away Segment

    Track 01: 0:00 - 0:45 - Infinity Squared - Noein (introduction)

    Track 02: 0:41 - 1:40 - Infinity Squared - Macross Zero

    Track 03: 1:39 - 2:35 - Purge - Grenadier, Voices of a Distant Star

    Track 04: 2:34 - 3:04 - LockstocK - Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid

    Track 05: 3:02 - 3:35 - Kadaj - Vampire Hunter D, Escaflowne Movie, Cowboy Bebop Movie

    Talk To Me Segment

    Track 06: 3:31 - 4:39 - Nessephanie - Honey and Clover

    Track 07: 4:37 - 5:39 - OropherZero - Suzuka

    Track 08: 5:38 - 6:18 - jubjub3 - Fushigi Yuugi

    Track 09: 6:17 - 7:03 - bluetrain - Maria-sama ga Miteiru

    Track 10: 7:01 - 7:49 - Yues Woman - Chobits

    The Second You Sleep Segment

    Track 11: 7:37 - 8:55 - Infinity Squared - Air Movie and TV

    Track 12: 8:55 - 10:57 - bluetrain - Beyond the Clouds

    Music mixed by Infinity Squared

    Project Headed by OropherZero

    So, what should you expect coming into this video? Expect to feel the beats. Expect to need the power of your subwoofer. Expect tight synching. Expect varying styles, meandering through the music, showing different interpretations as the baton is passed from editor to editor. Expect to have fun.

    All opinions and comments are very much appreciated, so please, take a look at the video and tell us what you think.

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