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  • Member: Geirr
  • Title: Bebop and Firefly
  • Premiered: 2006-02-10
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    • Takahito Eguchi "Departure," - Trinity Blood OST
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  • Comments: This one really hit me out of left field; I'm not normally a Drama-type AMV person, and I'm really -NOT- a big Bebop fan, and -NOT- a C&W or blues fan either. But I was watching & listening to Trinity Blood and this slow, kinda dobro type guitar bit came on, and my reaction was: "Boy, that's got a really nice, gritty, 'Git 'er done' western feel to it." So if you link anime + western you either get Trigun or Cowboy Bebop, and if you link [advanced technology, SF, Japanese/Asian] + [western or cowboy music] you get 'Firefly' and its movie 'Serenity.' So THERE'S the link.

    But who'd have thought this would have come out of Trinity Blood; if anything it's a tribute to composer Takahito Eguchi, and his mastery of several diverse styles of music, including a truly authentic American flavor.


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