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  • Member: JudgeHolden
  • Studio: Hana no JudgeHolden Productions
  • Title: Kino: Daughter of the Gun
  • Premiered: 2006-02-11
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    • Bon Jovi Wanted, Dead or Alive
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  • Comments: 3rd place overall at Kawaii Kon ....
    Finalist Tora-Con
    Finalist Tekkoshocon

    Warning! Not the type of video you are expecting! WARNING!

    Encoded in DivX 4.1.2

    Any trouble playing it? they try this link or PM me:

    WARNING: Not the video you are expecting!!!!! WARNING! In addtion, if this song was out before you were born, you may not want to bother dling it. ;)

    More than likely, this is the video you ment to click on:


    Well, here we go again; another wild ride on the Hana on JudgeHolden express. This time I have tried to create an epic western. I also wanted to create something that could be enjoyed without having ever seen Kino’s Journey … of course this was important since I’m probably one of the few people to have seen in the series. If you pay attention you will understand.

    The effects in this video are ….. Subtle for the most part. Therefore since you will not noticed them, I have not marked "effects" as a catagory to be scored. The only effects I wish to point out are not digital in nature, but deal with the “soundscape” of the video. I added at the begining and end of the piece, cinematic sounds to help draw the viewer into the story, and give the entire piece a "Kino's Journey: The Movie" quality. So, these sound effects are neither part of the original song, nor part of the anime. They are a creation of my own by combining various effects from Soundtrack Pro.

    Programs used:
    Final Cut Pro
    Soundtrack Pro
    Motion 2
    Live Type
    Divx Tool
    D-Vision 3

    Leave and op or a Quick comment if you wish!

    And special thanks to:
    AielI Ileia (She chose the title)
    And many others ….

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