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  • Member: Brave_Hearts.Exe
  • Studio: >$Brave_Hearts.Exe Productions$<
  • Title: The True Street Fight
  • Premiered: 2006-02-10
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    • Dance Dance Revolution Max 2 Max Unlimited X
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  • Comments: Alright, to start, This AMV is basically about the fights that Shadow has gone thru, a fight between Neji and Naruto, Samurai Legend Musashi's rescue, Kingdom Hearts 2 battles, and then ends with One Piece. All of these were purposely matched with the beat which is how i liked it. If some parts didn't match, it was because i was setting up for the upcoming beats ahead.

    That being said, this was done with Windows Movie Maker, so you know how limited i was, but i did manage to pull it off and made a good video if i do say so myself.

    Also, this video has a small clip for those of you who love the Megaman Battle Network games, its kind of a spoiler of 1 of the new functions in MMBN6, so that's a spoiler alert people! got it? Gooooood! :P

    Um. Well i'm pretty sure that's it, Make sure to leave OPINIONS (not comments...well, unless you're rushing it.) about what you loved about the video and etc, i also take constructive criticism so bring it on! Every error that's pointed out to me can only make me strive to make a better video. BH_Exe out.

    Edit: This AMV has no affiliation with the other "street fight" AMVs, i thought i was being original when i called it that but i found out i was wrong :S

    Edit 2: MMBN6 is Greiga Version, not Faltzer, it changed for some reason on that section where it shows what anime is in it.

    The 4 comments i've gotten:
    * 2006-06-28 22:30:29 nice video, 5 stars
    * 2006-06-28 22:08:56 hehe, love the mix, great job! ^o^
    * 2006-05-01 07:17:27 Cool Stuff ^_^ (4/5)[BunaDude22]
    * 2006-04-28 11:28:12 woo woo woo! 104 seconds of pure enjoyment!

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