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  • Member: Zarxrax
  • Studio: Anime-Fansubs
  • Title: Boom Boom GALS!
  • Premiered: 2002-09-01
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    • King Kong & D Jungle Girls Boom Boom Dollar
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  • Comments: I used the song Boom Boom Dollar from Dance Dance Revolution for this video. What does it have in common with GALS? Nothing at all. But for some reason I would think of GALS whenever I heard that song. I was originally going to use a ParaPara song, since ParaPara dancing is featured in the series, however I couldn't find any that I thought fit GALS well, so I ended up just going with Boom Boom Dollar. I worked in some ParaPara dance scenes anyways :p
    This is my most effects-heavy video yet. Aside from that there really isn't a whole lot going for it. Its a fast paced dance video. I think its very fun and entertaining, however its not one of my better works.
    I hope you like it, especially you GALS fans :)

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