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  • Member: lil'himitsu
  • Title: [himitsu]lonesome mushishi
  • Premiered: 2006-02-08
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    • System of a Down Lonely Day
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  • Comments: Once I began to make that amv, I realise how much the caracters are lonely... They stand in their life and mushi is the only thing that remain... but if some poeple can see them, many can't gess what they are living with.

    An amv to celebrate the exclusion of "Helkern", the miserable program/person/thing that intrude my pc and make it crazy (me both) 2 month during _ and make me formate 5 times. I wanna send him to hell, I swear!

    As you could notice in my last amv about Blood+, I choose to end the joke of my musical signing, best joke are the shorters, as we say... *sigh*

    Firts I juste took the first mudic, but when I end it, I thank it is not enough. This wonderfull anime deserve much time to intrude your mind (as Helkern my pc) and the song that haunted my mind this day really fit the sensation I wanted to pass on.

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