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  • Member: EchoChan
  • Title: Chihiro's Road
  • Premiered: 2006-02-07
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    • America Man's Road
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  • Comments: This is the first lengthy video I ever made using After Effects rather than Premiere Pro, not that there's anything really flashy in it. Again, it was made for a school assignment, and again I'd had the idea for awhile before doing anything with it. (Kinda pathetic, huh?)

    Anyway, I had the idea coming home from the theaters after seeing Spirited Away for the third time. I was listening to one of my mix disks in the car and America's "Man's Road" came on. I started thinking about the film t he song came from (The Last Unicorn) and the film I'd just seen, and I thought the song would be perfect to illustrate Chihiro and her journey.

    I really hope you find it enjoyable and not too cheesy. Thanks for watching!

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