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  • Member: Shitza
  • Title: Warrior of Ice, Tomoki
  • Premiered: 2006-01-26
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    • Kumiko Watanabe Say Yes
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  • Comments: Okay, here we go again... it took a lot of work to build this AMV, mainly since I didn't know from what perspective I should choose. Ended up in two main ones, his bravery and the road in which he became the one he is. There is a third showing the brother-bond between him and Takuya, really sweet!

    It starts with episode 3, when he tries to save Takuya, his first well, brave attempt to be brave. I cut that scene, a lot, just bringing out some selected ones.

    I also took scenes from episode 7 as well, showing that he is friendly, helpful and well, gets into trouble as well. Remember when he was kidnapped...

    He is a crybaby, in many scenes. (annoying really), so there is a short one with Takuya trying to calm him. I think many times Takuya sees Tomoki like a brother, and vice-versa. And this AMV has a float between the scenes, as episode 9 allowed a lot of perspectives, from the brother-love to the braveness.

    Tomoki is a cute and very pure child, as the Japanese Frontier describes him. I think one of the scenes in episode 17 brings a lot of that out, and he looks really cute! As well, it is the same episode in which Korikakumon or Blizzardmon shows up.

    There is also one mistake in this AMV, which didn't turn out like I thought it would, instead it went even better. I am still quite unused to this, so the flash afterwards just came there... I still need to work on it however...

    Tomoki didn't have the best relationship with his brother, for a start. Episode 25 gave out a lot of that, and made him realise a lot about himself.

    he is a gifted character, for his age, however he makes some clumsy ideas. Episode 39 prooved that, and I haven't counted yet how many times he fell to the ground. Poor Kumamon. Same part, in this AMV was much more extended, yet I cut that seeing it slowed down everything around. Half of it survived, and the rest... perhaps another time.

    Another of my favoutire episodes, of Tomoki's journey, is episode 40, as well as 41, yet mainly 40 since he meets his fears of people who used to bully him, and he stands against that. He proves himself to be braver then they could imagine. He tries his best, even if it doesn't allways go as you might want it to be. He wants to help everyone, you know!

    The following clips shows from having been the scared crybaby, he evolves to the brave warrior of ice.

    Yet again, the main AMV stops with me on another brave attempt to a few flashes, all though I need to work on the timing.

    End clip comes from episode 49, which can be quite the memory of him, as well as everyone else.

    End song became a endclip of the Japanese episodes, with all the kids singing With the Will... if I could have chosen it would be without the same clip, but I haven't found the song yet.

    Hope you'll enjoy, this was just a very brief summary of the clip and development. So don't think you have seen everything yet!


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