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  • Member: Sierra Lorna
  • Studio: Premonition Studios
  • Title: Revolution: Take Control
  • Premiered: 2006-02-05
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    • Inhabited Revolution
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  • Comments: My 18th Completed Video
    Programs used: Adobe Premiere 6, Photoshop

    This ended up taking a lot longer than I thought it would. I ended up doing a lot of Photoshop work because I wanted the main effects theme to do with cutouts--silhouttes and drop shadows and stuff like that. So that took a while. Dealing with subs was a huge pain too. I tried to find some raws but was unsuccessful and I couldn't afford the R2 DVDs, so I had to do a lot of subtitle cleanup too, despite having the majority of the video being widescreen. I did want to have a least some of it be fullscreen to add some visual emphasis on certain sections of the video.

    Inhabited's Revolution CD rocks, and I really wanted to use this song. I wanted to find an anime that worked with it, so I decided to check out Mai-HiME. It turned out to be a pretty cool show, with lots of great music and perfect action for what I was planning for this song. And so this video was created. ;)

    This video is about the three main characters in Mai-HiME: Mai, Natsuki, and Mikoto. Basically, Mai sees that the girls aren't getting along and wants something to change. She encourages the three of them to change and find and use their powers within them. The girls then decide to bring their message to the rest of the 13 HiMEs. And cool powers and action ensues from there... ^_^

    Have we played these games too long
    That tomorrow's come and gone
    While we're waiting for a sign
    We're distracted by our eyes
    And it's time to let it go
    Forgetting what we know
    We're letting God take control

    We've gotta change
    Gotta start a revolution in this place
    We're not ashamed
    Gonna sing, gonna shout
    That's what we're talking about, yeah
    Do you feel the change
    There's a transformation taking place
    We're not ashamed, gonna sing
    Gonna shout this is a God revolution

    You know it's time to take a stand
    All across this land
    The time is here, the time is now
    We've gotta reach out somehow
    And it's time to let it go, forgetting what we know
    We're letting God take control

    We're letting go, take control
    We're letting go, take control
    We're letting go, take control
    We're letting go, take control
    Take, take, take, take, take control

    Special thanks:
    To my beta testers: JCD, Tyler_yj, .:Decoy:., Bakadeshi, and of course silver_moon. Thanks, guys. ^_^

    Technical stuff:
    Video codec: XviD (Divx compatible) *If you can't see the video, download this video codec*
    Audio codec: Lame mp3

    Contest Results:
    *Best Made In BC at Anime Evolution 2006
    *Runner-Up for Best Action at Anime Evolution 2006

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