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  • Member: Derukuseido
  • Studio: Leyva Boy Studios
  • Title: Sword for Hire
  • Premiered: 2006-02-04
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  • Comments: Hi everyone. This is my first AMV I did.
    I wanted to do it on Final Fantasy's "Advent Children" for sometime now but could not find the right song. I heard this track from my cousin and from then on I bought it and had to use it on my AMV.
    Doing AMV's is by far the most rewarding thing there is for me. I created somthing that has a beat, looks great and most of all, hopefully win some awards. Making AMV's is by far the best outlet this editor has got. (besides the guitar of course) I have a passion for anime, therefore I think it is only fitting that I make an AMV from a different perspective.

    Also, I hope I don't get sued from anyone if I did anything wrong. If I did, it can be settled out of court.

    With that said, open your minds, open your ears and most of all, open your hearts.


    -Leyva Boys Inc.

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