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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Shape the Kon ! ('cause he can't shape you)
  • Premiered: 2006-02-03
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    • Snot Deadfall
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  • Comments: I really liked Rozard's works (I really liked Dead Leaves too ^^). The only problem was I couldn't understand a word from the song. So I picked up the lyrics on the net ... and I didn't understand better ! -_-
    It's probably like the Theory of Relativity : only a few men on Earth may fully understand it ! ^^

    Then, the muses of Anime strike my head ...
    "You shape the con, or it shapes you"
    "You shape the con, or it shapes you"
    "You shape the KON, or it shapes you"

    I've got my stupid idea of this year !
    How to make an action amv from a useless character from Bleach ?
    I tried to answer this existencial question.

    Here is the result of my work : A tribute to a really good action amv, mixed with an unexpected tribute to a psycho doll !

    Plus, I used the intro and outro of the original amv to make it funnier. I couldn't resist to show the "Quincy Weird"'s new creation !
    The original works of Rozard may be found here :
    Hoping he will forgive my boldness to use his amv ... o_o

    Enjoy ... when it will be available (near the 10th of February ! ^^)

    NB : Take the "Viva la f*ckin' France" lightly. It is neither an insult nor misplaced patriotism from myself. It's just ironic ...since I'm french myself !
    ... And a drunk Ishida is damn too funny ! XD

    Edit : It's available ! Enjoy now !

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