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  • Member: EchoesofSilence
  • Studio: Echoes of Silence Productions
  • Title: Sins of the Past
  • Premiered: 2006-02-03
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    • Linkin Park Easier To Run
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  • Comments: My second video. (uhu! I'm not a fluke!)

    Avenger has been under my skin since I got it a month ago, mostly trying to understand the motives at work in the ending. I haven't tried so hard to understand an anime since I saw Evangelion for the first time. Then two days ago I was flipping through my music collection, stumbled onto Easier to Run, and got the itch.

    I had originally thought to focus on "it's easier to run" with Layla's nomadic lifestyle and becoming unwelcome everywhere she went, but once I started editing, I rapidly moved stage left into constructing (more or less whole-cloth) her fight for survival while tortured by memories her past, culminating in the desire to "take all this shame to the grave".

    I think it came together rather well. The emotions I wanted demanded that I keep the vid less 'busy' than Wicked Women (my first AMV) and even though I used a fair amount of footage from the climax of the series, I tried to weave it so that I tell something different than the series does.

    VicBond007 is my hero. Without his documentation, I'd be really, really lost. I was really amused that, after I deinterlaced and letterboxed the rips, it looked better than when I watch the DVD.

    Footage came from the Avenger Complete Collection DVDs (the tin can set), and I ripped an mp3 of Easier to Run directly from Meteora using Windows Media Player 10, because it was simple. Encoded the .vobs into DivX 5.2.something (18 hours!! *boggles*), then used Windows Movie Maker to do the editing (because I am still unemployed and spend all my money on anime, not software). I kept the effects simple because--let's face it--WMM effects suck.

    It seems that my WMM freezing problem from Wicked Women was due to the sheer number of clips used. Sins of the Past only has 62 clips and assembled just fine.

    ...I can't remember anything else I was going to say, so I'll shut up now.

    Edit (Mar 2, 2006)> This video has been revised. Check the new version at
    (I should of remembered to do this sooner...)

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