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  • Member: Shitza
  • Title: Warrior of Wind, Izumi
  • Premiered: 2006-01-03
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    • Sawa Ishige Kaze no Shizuku
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  • Comments: Have you ever felt that something you have done hasn't been the best quality? This wasn't the best video, all though I did my best to correct it. I did one mistake when I maede it, and that was to put alll the special effects afterwards, which resulted to that this video changed with one minute when it was done, so the original shots are misplaced.

    Anyway, it isn't horrid (hopefully) and I tried to do my best cosidering I am not the iggest Izumi fan. I found her rather annoying at the start. Anyway, main clips come from episode 15, 16 26. The fight with Ranamon.

    It starts with evolution sequence, as well as some shots between Izumi/Takuya and Izumi/Kouji. As I have learned to appreciate her more and more, is that she acts very helpful, and she is helpful and tries her best to make the boys proud of her.

    I also put in the clips of the bathsuit dressing, not in order if you may think so. I just thought they are great clips and she is a girl. (Thank god, too many boys would make Digimon too stuck up, no offence but for me it is nice to see girly touches even if they can be extreme).

    Continues with some embarassing scenes as well, Junpei and Takuya bursting through the door while Kouji and Tomoki (wise guys) stays behind. The scene is hilarious. As well as I think it shows the good old hands-off. Okay, I know they were coming because they thought she was in danger. But think before you act, that is all I have to say.

    I have many shots from the fight between Kazemon and Ranamon. It is really her highlight of the three epis 15,16 and 26. You go girl!

    I took one scene from episode 36 as well, which was typical Izumi leading the boys to understand each other, when she confronts Kouichi to start talking with his brother. Besides, Kouichi is so incredible cute. *insert fan girl scream*

    The AMV is longer than this description, and ends with some of her highlights of episode 26, when she defeats Calamaramon. With the timechange, you are not allowed to heard the first lines, the first try was better then this. But her oice blends in as the song ends. Some repeat shots, but it can't be helped. For once, I had help from the fandubs. Really, I hardly own anything of these AMV, isn't that sad?

    Still, I hope you'll enjoy. There are some great clips and an awesome song sung by Sawa Ishige, the Japanese voice of Izumi. So please, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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