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  • Member: HurQlez03
  • Studio: HurQlez Productions
  • Title: The Place Promised For Better Days
  • Premiered: 2006-02-01
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  • Song:
    • The Goo Goo Dolls Better Days
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    --Fanimecon (May 2006, San Jose, CA)--
    **WINNER-Best Drama Vid (Judge's Choice)**

    Hey everyone! Hurq is back! After a year of education and a complication with Mac usage, I am able to create my tenth AMV and possibly my most emotional.

    The idea for this movie always begins with the song. When you hear a song you love hearing over and over you imagine how your video would look like. Then when you see an anime that looks like it is perfect for the song, you start making the AMV. Which is why I would like to thank SnhKnives for thinking it was a good idea. The adventure for both of these works well, especially with the violins. The story is that the boy and girl used to go to place all the time. Years later, the girl gets sick and the boy promised her they would fly in the plane they were working on to the mysterious tower. A very heartwarming movie.

    *****But of course I would like to take this time to refer to Koopiskeva. It was his AMV "waking hour" that inspired me to create this AMV, although I did indirectly place a couple clips in my AMV in the same location "waking hour" was played. In order to level the playing field I will say this: If you want to see an AMV with a relaxing soothing feeling, watch "waking hour". If you want to watch Goo Goo Dolls type power style, watch this AMV. *****

    Well making the AMV was not as difficult as learning how to export and encode the final video. That is why I would like to thank KirinRiotCrash for his complete support when I needed help with how to work a Mac and its program. Now that I did it, this is how it was finally done.
    I used the m2v (without audio) file ripped from the DVD and used MPEGStreamclip to export to mov. I made the project in Final Cut Pro with a 3:2 scale and an upper field dominance and PhotoJPEG compressor. I exported the project in a dv stream with progressive, 4:3 scale. Then I encoded it in ffmpeg with Xvid (AVI(mencoder) codec and in 2pass encoding.

    This AMV is the first AMV I made in a year and I do believe this is a big step in bringiing back my love for making AMVs. I certainly hope you love this AMV very much.

    --HurQlez03 (Daniel Hopkins)

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