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  • Member: wrathofthepuppy
  • Title: kingom hearts, pink bullets
  • Premiered: 2006-01-26
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    • The Shins pink bullets
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  • Comments: wee! this is my first AMV. EVER!! go easy on me!! im a major n00b at this!!

    first off, this is from the kh opening and the kh2 opening and endings... it doesnt TELL much as far as spoilers go, but if your one of those people who like "OMG SPOILERS NOO!!!" then i guess dont watch this, its your choice, not mine.

    second, i just now realized this hints at a riku x sora pairing... only i didnt intentionally make it that way. oops? oh well...

    and third... like i said, im new, so it wont be perfect

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