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  • Member: LightPriestess
  • Title: Thank You, For Tohru
  • Premiered: 2006-02-04
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    • Collin Raye the gift
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  • Comments: Well, my latest video is finally done! I have to say, I am very happy with the way it turned out. I even managed to finish it in just a few days. Sure, it took me like a total of 16 or so hours, but it sure is better than my previous one which took so much longer because of many technical difficulties.

    Anyway, this is my first Fruits Basket AMV as well as my first try at a more romantic and dramatic video. I used the song "The Gift" by Collin Raye. The song choice just came to me when I was listening to the radio and I heard the song for the very first time. As soon as I heard it, my heart instantly screamed "FURUBA!"

    This video was pretty difficult at first because I was trying my hand at something that had no real "action" in it. In addition, since I like the relationship between Tohru and both Kyo and Yuki, I wanted to make sure that it showed in the video. I wanted to portray their relationship with Tohru and how truly special she is. I wanted to convey how, she was like a gift from somewhere to mend their hearts and make everything right when it seemed things were falling apart. Needless to say, Fruits Basket will be one of my favorite anime forever, I just hope I did this wonderful anime justice.

    This AMV was made with Windows Movie Maker, I ripped my sister's Fruits Basket DVDs for the footage and got the song off of Itunes... Not that that was incredibly important... Oh yes, and for anyone who has not seen the last few episodes of Fruits Basket, there will probably be some pretty significant spoilers.

    Okay, so enough of my babbling (which I can do for quite a long time). Please watch and enjoy!

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