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  • Member: KnX
  • Studio: Divine Illusion Productions
  • Title: Dead Love(by KnX)
  • Premiered: 2006-01-29
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  • Song:
    • Within Temptation Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)
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  • Comments: Ok now this is my newest video.
    I've worked day and night to complete it in 3 weeks(I'm sick I know it).It taked so mutch time cose I'm slow in AE xD.Which reminds me that I have to give my 10x to Decoy who explained a lot of effects to me and helped me with my betta testings.And now the story

    At the begging we are taken at the end of the battle betwin Arcu and the tough bad guy in the AMV where she is wounded and trown to her lover(yeah it sucks I know).Then he takes her in his arms and they start remembering about the past.
    First how she falls from a tower(this is her awakaning in the anime but what ever),and the glass of blood in which a figure falls represent that she is a vampire and so(at this place when she is on the tower and so there is one black wind which is actually an effect.It took me hell a lot of time to make it look good),but when it brakes it starts how the hero (or just Shiki) sees her and they get in love and so on.
    after that we are brought at the begging of the battle where Shiki wakes up sees a note and Arcu starts to fight the bad guy,and Shiki is surching for her to help her and he finds her.
    Then we are back to where Arcu is in his hands and they go back to some memories.(the second black wind wasn't that hard xD,but the effect with the fractial noise and the stroke man that gave me a headace )whre they are in love and so.
    Then we are back at the middle of the battle.
    Then Arcu dies in his hends.
    After that I made a power up of Shiki and the bad guy xD.I think they are cool xD.Hope you like it.
    After that Shiki kicks the bad guy ass and thats the AMV xD.

    Within temptation-Jillian

    I've been dreaming for so long,
    to find a meaning to understand.
    The secret of life,
    why am I here to try again?

    Will I always, will you always
    see the truth when it stares you in the face?
    Will I ever, will I never free myself
    by breaking these chains?

    I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
    I'd turn it back, it's my fault.
    Your destiny is forlorn,
    have to live till it's undone.
    I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
    I'd turn it back and then at last I'll be on my way.

    I've been living for so long,
    many seasons have past me by.
    I've seen kingdoms through ages
    rise and fall, I've seen it all.

    I've seen the horror, I've seen the wonders
    happening just in front of my eyes.
    Will I ever, will I never free myself by making it right?

    Repeat chorus

    Julian our dream ended long ago.
    All our stories and all our glory I held so dear.
    We won't be together
    for ever and ever, no more tears.
    I'll always be here until the end.

    (Julian, no more tears...
    Julian, no more tears...)

    Repeat Chorus

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