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  • Member: Infinity Squared
  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: Anime Academy Heroes
  • Premiered: 2006-01-28
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    • Harry Gregson-Williams Team America March
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    WINNER: Fan Favourite AMV AI Con 2006
    WINNER: Best Comedy/Parody AMV Sakura Con 2006
    WINNER: Most Artistic AMV Sakura Con 2006
    WINNER: Best of Show AMV Sakura Con 2006
    WINNER: Judges Award Sakura Con 2006

    - An AMV that is closer to watching a silent film.
    - It contains subtitles (which is why it is awesome).
    - Just check out the list of anime used... this is overdone to the max (not).
    - An AMV with a story! Seriously, not just a patchwork quilt of random images and music.
    - Need more info? Read on.

    Readers beware: SPOILERS AHEAD

    Excuse me if this is going to take long but it's my prerogative and I suppose with the length of time spent creating this video, I might as well reflect it on this video information. So there you go, if you're interested read on, but the video should pretty much speak for itself and if I were you and I needed to hurry, I'll just move along to downloading now... or you could download and come back here while you wait ^_^

    For the ad poster to this video click here.

    Anyway, work on this began around September, 2005, just around the time of Manifest (Melbourne Anime Festival). The concept was born after getting my hands on the Team America - World Police OST (which incidentally I've never seen the movie of). It surprised me somewhat when I heard the rather serious and action filled segments after the songs. The background music was pretty powerful stuff and later I came to realise it was created by the same guy who made the soundtrack for the Narnia movie. Anyway, I've always been a fan of the overture and strong instrumental pieces and when I heard "Team America March" I found myself listening to it repeatedly and pretty soon, as with most of us AMV creators here (I'm sure :P), images started forming in my head.

    The music was set, but even before this happened, the main skeleton of the video actually had its roots from back in 2004. I guess if anime are created from manga, it can be said that this AMV was created from a fanfic/RPG. I created this role playing game where we wrote our stories into this thread in a while back and in essence, after we finally decided to end the story (after over a year and 1,842 responses), I thought that it'd be nice as a tribute to my fellow RPers and because it hasn't been done before (to my knowledge), that I'd summarise our adventures in this video. Click here to see the story as it unfolded (if you have time since this might as well be a full sized novel).

    So now going back to Manifest, I decided before anything else, I needed one ultimate ingredient. One which I never really would have thought was going to be THE ingredient, not to mention something I'd ever do a video to. I asked for the 'stuff' from Yues Woman back in Manifest because I knew it was one of her favourite anime and she certainly delivered on the goods. Anyway, just not to spoil it any further, I'll just tell you that the 'stuff' is essentially the punchline of the whole video and barely appears for a few dozen seconds.

    I might say that the concept and video processing started back in September but just like most other videos created around here, I didn't actually edit non-stop from then till now to have this video released. Heck, it probably wasn't till about the end of November that the real beefy and hairy editing took place (as that was when I finally entered my summer holidays from university). Towards the end though I was probably editing on a daily basis, about 4 or so hours, for about 2 weeks straight. By this time though, I've pretty much mapped out what was going to happen with this video quite well, almost as much as Talk To Me, I would say. After that it was making sure I got just the right images, just the right emotions, just the right expressions, just the right everything... which suffice to say, was hard.

    There are 8 anime listed on this video. However, I probably surveyed at least a hundred if not two hundred episodes in order to get just the right emotions. Seeing as how most of this video revolved around what the characters are saying (without the use of voices), I needed to match the right facial expressions and gestures to convey the story well. At the same time, I knew I was going to have a problem with showing a story of characters from different shows in which they'd have to interact with each other. The solution I came up with which I felt tied it rather neatly is the manga approach. Consequently that's probably the part that took longest to create since I had just recently acquired a new mouse and Photoshopping images when you're just getting used to a new tool is no picnic.

    The other labour intensive part of this video was the beginning (beginning of the video itself, not the studio intro). Just to let you know, I'm no Premiere user, so this could have been done much faster by some other people, but for me, it took a while to make since I was creating it at the same time as my exams ^_^;

    Anyway, what's there left to tell... oh yeah, a word of thanks to Yues Woman for having a look at this and providing the key ingredient, to Jadzziadax, Koopiskeva and jade_eyed_angel for the quotes (Jadd's one is "teh awesomest" which didn't get included since I had to promise one spot for my friend, the Chairman for the Manifest 2005 Iron Chef competitions) and to the guys in Anime Academy who provided the inspiration for this.

    Hope you enjoy it and I'm always appreciative of any kind of comment you could throw at me.


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