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  • Member: LeS_Lenne
  • Title: Yuna's days [FF X-2 tribute]
  • Premiered: 2006-01-26
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  • Song:
    • Mitsuru Igarashi These Days
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  • Comments: This AMV took me one day to finish and it's my first attempt to use lip snyc. It doesn't come out very good because the singer of this song has a very other type of voice than Yuna. It's a pity, but okay, you can't have it all.

    I really like this one. I think it's my best AMV so far (and the longest). Yuna sings about her ordinary days - I hope this comes out right. @_@

    I used Vegas 4.0 for this one. Yay for Vegas. If you understand it, it's really great. *lol* Whatever, please enjoy. It's not a very special or emotional one, but I guess it's... okay. Nothing special but still nice to watch. ^_^;

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