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  • Member: jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: Divine Illusion Productions
  • Title: Good-bye, Nina
  • Premiered: 2006-01-25
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    • David Craig Simpson Still Nina
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  • Comments: ~~Won first place audience choice at Llamacon 2006!!~~
    ~~Best Drama at Tekkoshocon!!! =D~~
    ~~Honorable Mention at Otafest! ^_^~~

    Yay... two years since I made my first AMV... GO RINA!!! XD lol...

    I thought I was done with FMA vids for a while... but guess not. This song was calling me... I know there's a vid to this song already... with the same idea... and it's not bad, either... but that's not where I heard the song, and I was dying to use it, so I felt like making this anyway.. sue me... =P Sorry, person.. lol.

    Anyways this is a simple vid, no lip sync or effects really... a few lip flaps sorry. I cut out the ones that I could... um.. what to say.... observe the candle carefully =D

    What else to say..... I was on drugs. This is the result. XD Or so Jub thinks muahahhahahaha

    Thanks to the people who watched bits of this for me and told me what sucked, sorry if I leave anyone out, I'm still on drugs lol
    Scoob, Katie, Kisanzi, Batto, Infinity, Jub, Krat, whoever the fuck else.... *love* =D

    Yeah, this vid is pretty sad..... so like.... don't cry... or do.. whatever makes you happy XD lol

    What else shall I write... lyrics are pretty understandable... using this song was soooooo cheap lmao... yea pretty much made this for cons in hopes of tons of FMA fans coming =D
    Nina is awesome..... her father is a dirty hoe.... hmmm.....pie...POCKY! This desciprtion is being greatly influenced by aim chat... muahaha... Ok I'll shut up now... enjoy. =]

    Oh yes, and we have changed our studio name from ScoobsNet Studios to Divine Illusion Productions 'cause we are hot like that =] Still same people, hehe... ok now go download! lol


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