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  • Member: Kisanzi
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Lightspeed Rush
  • Premiered: 2006-01-23
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    • TM Revolution Chase the Thrill
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  • Comments: It's finally finished, I present to everyone my completed dance vid. This was my first shot at dance and it was quite an undertaking. I've been working on this vid since late August and its definitely taken some time. Mainly because after about 2 months of editing I had to stop with one minute to go because the final DVDs of Stellvia hadn't actually come out yet. So after a total of almost 5 months of editing and waiting, the project is finally finished.

    Let me just say that this is my first delve into the dance genre so I really had a fun time coming up with effects and ideas to implement into the vid. I chose Stellvia because it's a great show and really deserves more love than its getting here on the .org. However, this vid wasn't an easy task by any means, I scrapped over 15 hours of work because I was dissatisfied with the results and revised the final version twice. Certain effects took mass amounts of time and cuing to get just right and I'm very happy to see that they came out so well despite the mass of effort.

    I hope everyone enjoys the fast nature of the vid and to any of those who've seen Stellvia you'll noticed that I synced most of the lyrics to the story and characters. But all in all, this is just a vid that I intend for people to enjoy the beat and the pace. It's all about showing the viewer some exciting flight sequence with story elements mixed in. So even if you haven't seen the show it's still would be easy to enjoy. And who knows, maybe this will inspire some people to go out and watch Stellvia. And if you feel so inclined then leave me an opinion or a quick comment no matter how big or small it has helped me immensely to see the thoughts and reactions of the audience. So turn up the bass and enjoy the AMV!

    *Many thanks to the people who beta watched and gave me technical advice for the vid: Atomx, JCD, Scoobinsdbz, jade_eyed_angel and Kristyrat. I would like to just let you know that your opinions and advice really helped me to finish this vid and improve as a creator. Thanks!

    Lyrics (just for the record)

    On the road, no looking back
    We're on our way, we're right on track
    A getaway under a hazy sky
    The setting sun is shining in our eyes

    Hold on tight, I'm driving fast
    The time has come for us to take a chance
    We're getting out before the overload
    The engine roars, it's ready to explode

    Saying goodbye to the dark clouds of yesterday
    Making a future
    Come on fly with me
    Come on belive in me

    Chase the morning, find the dream
    Racing at a speed that you won't believe
    Feel the thrill of the wind in your hair
    I feel the energy, now you are here with me
    Chase the morning, seize the dream
    Push it to the limit, we are running free
    Feel the thrill of the wind in your hair
    We'll see the dawn again
    Ride through the night, speed of light

    Pulses race, the tension's high
    Ride through the dust across the great divide
    Your body heat, as hot as burning chrome
    Hey, don't you know, we're in the danger zone

    It's time to start taking hold of our destiny
    Facing it all
    Come on and ride with me
    Come on believe in me

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