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  • Member: Shitza
  • Title: Warrior of Light Kouji
  • Premiered: 2006-01-19
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    • Kamiya Hiroshi In the blue
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  • Comments: Okay, since last time I have really tried to improve, and sorry if I take fansubs... can't really be helped.

    Anyway, this AMV was made lika a character profile to show Kouji's life through the Digital world, and surely I hope I didn't rush it. The song is Blue Moon, and hopefully I did a good with this. You may already guess I am making my AMV's after the character songs by now.

    I am using 4 evolution clips, Wolfmon, Garmon, Beowulfmon and Susanoomon. However, the difference between this movie and Kouichi's is that this song is so much slower. First shot is one of my personal favourites, which really brings out the "lone wolf" we all know.

    Once more, the start clips are kind of randomized, yet all background purposes is to just show the character and then a little history. Later clips follow a timeline. My purpose, with this, was to show how Kouji thinks back on his adventure in the Digital world. You see him look up in the last of the "randmoizes" and then we see him reflect in the mirroring water.

    Easy, huh?

    I also choose clips of him and Gotsumon, which were one of the things I remember since the two of them are really like. Lone wolves, stubborn and must do everything on their own, like Kouji was on the start. Like they watch each other and flinch, which I would if someone could reflect me so personally it gets scary.

    The video turns pages through the clips showing Kouji before he gets the Beast Spirit. Ehm... it was to erase some mistakes I made as well... hehe

    Anyway... it goes on. Long sequences after the Beast Spirit Evolution and I have figured out it was the end smile of victory that made me choose it. There are too few smiles like that through the series...

    As well, big jump to the fight between him and Duskmon. I guess I used enough clips of the fight in my last AMV, so it is more about his struggle to find out the fate between him and Duskmon. As well as the first realisation when he first sees Kouichi's face. That this is somethng truly bewildering.

    I really worked out between the brother and brother relationship between these two (Kouji and Kouichi). Starts with Beowulfmon protecting Kouichi from Cherubimon's attack, and Cherubimon is included in this since, well, out of accident. I took the clip and when I played it thee claps of thunder matches the rythm of the song, plus it was confusing when the clips switched and you couldn't see the reason for things.

    Oh, and another favourite over the clips. Episode 41, after Kouji saved Kouichi from LordKnightmon. That little clip, where Kouichi says he is sorry. It is just one of those magical moments for me. And I haven't seen it so many times in the Frontier AMVs, so it goes in mine.

    Followed by Susannomon's evolution (Kouji and Takuya). And finishes with the last scene, where kouji find kouichi at the hospital. Once again, music turns to film, so I hope you enjoy.

    Oh, and one more thing. I haven't been able to get a sub-free version of the opening, which ends this in the Italian Opening song. So, it is annoyign for me as well to watch the sub and credit. I am sorry to the submakers I did this, I truly am.


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