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  • Member: madbunny
  • Studio: Dancing Fox design
  • Title: MadBunny - Burning Love
  • Premiered: 2006-01-23
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  • Song:
    • BeeGees TRAGEDY
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  • Comments: Burning Love.

    The idea is to create a video that is as wrong as possible on many levels, yet still be fun to watch. In the distant past this originally came about from my many, many ops. I noticed that there is a great deal of similarity in the popular videos when it comes to certain anime. Originally it was Dragon Ball Z, and then came Full Metal Alchemist, till presently - Naruto.

    This video essentially takes Naruto and re-writes it to match the song. A love song for sure, but whoís loving who?

    This is meant to be a fun video, so donít get all upset if your favorite Naruto character isnít represented the way that you would prefer.

    Iím not gay, but this video might be just a little.

    Format: Xvid 1 pass CBR
    Audio: Lame mp3 @ 192

    If you get a divx logo, itís your fault. Turn it off in the options panel. I donít encode stuff to divx., Donít blame me if you get the logo.
    If for some weird reason you canít play this, go to and download the xvid codec. You could also just the latest version of the amvapp, if you donít already have it.

    Some notes:

    Thanks for aieli-ileia for constantly hounding me to get this one finished. Without her, you wouldnít have the admittedly dubious pleasure of watching this video today.

    I used After Effects for the first time ever for a few of the shots in this video, most notably the initial masking shots with the posters. There are a few tidbits here and there throughout the video. Yes, I realize there is a floating ďFĒ in one of the scenes, the fishing pole scene. Thatís an AfterEffects scene, where Iíd put in a bunch of stuff and masked the heck out of it to cover up the subtitles, unfortunately after it was pointed out by a beta tester, I realized that Iíd already deleted the AE stuff and didnít want to redo it.

    For those who wonder who the chick is near the end 2:27 I think, itís Naruto. He can transform into a girl form. I think the scene speaks for itself as to what is supposed to be happening.

    CORN! Apologies to the first person to use this, Iíve blatantly stole part of your concept.
    Surprise Buttsex! More apologies to whoever started that.. again, Iíve blatantly stole part of it.
    Humping loops: made recently famous by a particular FMA video featuring the song date rape; yesÖ Iíve stolen this as a concept too.
    BrokeBack Mountain: Sorry Paramount Pictures. This might be a great movie, but not only am I not going to go see a movie about gay cowboys, Iím going to make fun of it in my derivative music video. Please donít sue me.
    Everyone else that Iíve taken ďinspirationĒ from: Sorry. Iíll give you credit if you like, just send me a PM.

    Edit *
    Some people may be interested in knowing that the paring is narusasu, and occasionally sasunaru

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