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  • Member: veemon-tamer
  • Title: Digimon Boom
  • Premiered: 2006-01-22
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    • Sega Sonic Boom D'n B Remix
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  • Comments: Now making digimon AMVs will be easy. I found some Raws from the first three digimon seasons.
    Now I don't have to worriy about qulity and logs and water marks and stuff like that.
    Digimon has always been one of my most loved shows. Here's my tribute to it. I think the ending is kinda crappy but The over all vid is awsome.

    It's short but sweet so enjoy!

    (how to download- Click on above link when the rapid share window comes up look at the column that says "FREE" scroll all the way down and you'll see a little button that says "Free" click on that. you'll see a little timer down their wait till it reaches 0 you'll see 3 characters pop up. type them in the box that says "Here" then start your download)

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