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  • Member: MaboroshiStudio
  • Studio: Maboroshi Studio
  • Title: Escaflowne the Movie | Stargate Theme
  • Premiered: 2000-10-25
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    • David Arnold Stargate - Kasuf Returns
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  • Comments: The source for this video was very hard to find and I think the capture quality of this video speaks for itself. Especially considering made this video when Escaflowne the Movie was still showing in the theaters in Japan.

    Originally I wanted to use this song with the anime Berserk and it was going to be Freakshow 4, but unfortunately I couldn't get the sources for that series... to my surprise I was able to get a SVHS copy of the Escaflowne Movie. One of the guys on #fansubs knew someone who got it off Japanese pay-per-view (it is odd how in Japan they will do this when it is still in the movie theaters). Anyways, I love this song and when I saw how dark Escaflowne the Movie was I knew they would work well together. The video has only been shown once before at the AWA Masters Contest where it was among the top three videos. Also when I sent my demo reel to Bandai, some people thought this was the OFFICIAL JAPANESE trailer.. and they were amazed that my source was cleaner than what they had.

    This video doesn't really contain many spoilers...

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