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  • Member: Big Big Truck
  • Studio: Big Big Truck Productions
  • Title: El Justiciero!
  • Premiered: 2002-09-23
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    • Os Mutantes El Justiciero (The Avenger)
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  • Comments: This is a parody of silent film... uhh. I just felt like doing this.

    Fonts is called "Cheboygan" - it doesn't look antiqued, and it's more 1912 than 1908 or so, but meh.

    Song is by a Brazillian group that was parodying Mexican folksongs. The lyrics are in mangled Spanish after the English intro. The Spanish lyrics make no sense and are totally hilarious.


    I'll show this at my panel at AWA.

    Oh yeah, umm, I accidentally had all my video clips at 360 x 240, so... fnuh. I was just making this for web distro anyway so it doesn't matter. It was fun, especially the titles. (As always.)

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