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  • Member: cool spot
  • Title: OmniaDraken
  • Premiered: 2006-01-22
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  • Songs:
    • Chaos Legion Stage title BGM
    • Devil May Cry 2 Chaotic Gloria
    • Unto Ashes Exeunt Omnia
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is my first video…
    it's been a while since I wanted to do it...

    I hope you will enjoyed it ^.^

    And, well, don't care of that *ç%% orange bar :(
    OH, there's a little "scritch"...I mean, a non-will time loop…

    But remember, THIS MY FIRST, I'm a rookie (un débutant)

    The video is from the trailer of the RPG-donjon game Drakengard. I included 3 others chapters (Chapter 4 - Verse XI - Survivors, Chapter 5 - Verse 5 - Pandemonium and 21 - Chapter 11 - Verse IV - Loved)
    Thanks a lot for for the movies sources ;)
    the 2 soundtrack (OP + ED) are from games as well: Devil May Cry and Chaos Legion... 2 good games ^_^
    The "main theme" used is from the gothic-folk group Unto Ashes. A cool intrsumental track from their album "Empty Into White".
    I highly recommended it!

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