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  • Member: Kadaj
  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: Chop Suey - No. 357
  • Premiered: 2006-01-07
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    • System of a Down Chop Suey!
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  • Comments: Winner of Collision 3, Collide 2006 AMV competition

    wow.... this video sure gave my computer a work-out. It seems i am unable to complete a video nowadays that doesn't push the capabilities of my poverty-pack computer over the edge. I've wrestled for hours at a time with AVIsynth, Virtualdub, Premiere Pro, Dr Divx, etc. Thankfully, despite one or two corrupted project files, Chop Suey has emerged in one piece! I originally made this video to have a 1:30min opening sequence, taking a bit of a stab at some of the effortless 1st time Chop Suey amvs out there, but i felt it took up too much time and overall wasn't worth it.

    So, here it is. The 1107th System of a Down AMV, the 357th Chop Suey AMV, and the 10th Chop Suey AMV made to Advent Children. Overdone? Hell yes. Ever seen a really decent attempt? Hell no.

    I've downloaded about 7 or so Chop Suey videos over the last few months, and unsatisfied with what i was downloading, i thought i would try it out and see if a decent Advent Children/Chop Suey AMV could indeed be achieved. I've got mixed feedback from people i've shown so far, some awe it, some dislike it, others don't mind it. I guess it just comes down to what each person feels makes an AMV important, and hopefully there is something in here for everybody to enjoy for at least a few seconds.

    Thanks to Infinity Squared for the amvience studios sequence and his constant support and feedback.
    To Yues Woman for always being right behind me if i need a helping hand or just someone to discuss an idea with, as well as constructivly critical reviews.
    To OropherZero for his encouraging feedback and advice.
    And to ZidZabre for his encouragement, advice, and mainly just keeping on my back about getting the damn video done XD.

    Thanks guys ^^

    Best playback: Best quality when played at either 100% or 200% size. Full screen works OK, but it looks better slightly smaller.

    some people have complained about audio sparlking near the middle/end of the amv. most people however don't have this problem, so i ascribe it to a problem with people's speakers. the video itself does NOT have fault in it's audio.

    Please leave an opinion. All input is truly valued and appreciated, but please be specific in likes/dislikes in the video; i've had far too many scores both high and low that have not had a reason given for them

    Thank you very much, and enjoy the video!

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