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  • Member: HidekiPooj
  • Studio: Poojy Productions
  • Title: Denial of Destruction
  • Premiered: 2006-01-20
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  • Song:
    • Barry McGuire Eve of Destruction
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  • Comments: You know, I never expected to do an amv to an old 1960's anti-war protest song, but for some reason everything seemed to click together for this one. This amv has a good story behind the making of it. When I was browsing the org for random videos I asked my dad to pick out a song randomly and see if anybody has done an amv to it (a fun game which you should try sometime). First one he said was "we didn't start the fire".......that I knew was popular already. The second song he randomly chose was Barry McGuire's "Eve of Destruction" a song which I had heard before, mostly because my dad would play it along with his other hippy-ish music or disco tunes from his youth. When I searched I found that no one had ever used this song before....then again it doesn't surprise me seeing as how it comes from about 40 years ago. I went to listen to it and I kept making mental notes of anime scenes......mostly it was my dad who got me doing this amv, and for this reason this one is dedicated to him.....and I hope that this one will break the 4 star mark.

    For this amv I did some things I hadn't done before like REAL lyp synching footage.....that was bloody tough. In my first video "Tokyo's Crimson King" the parts I had "lyp synched" were really just part were they were talking in the footage and I got lucky, this time I actually cut, copied, and pasted where and when I needed the mouth movements. Now I think if I were to lyp synch stuff again I would have an easier and more accurate time for future amv's.

    Also not only did I lyp synch, but I also instrument-synched as well, you'll see that with the first footage of the harmonica-boy.

    Another thing worth mention is this is the first amv where I'm using more than one source for the footage...a total of 9.

    I hope you enjoy this one, the lyrics are pretty understandable so I don't think I need to put them up. All old songs are always easy to understand.

    This one is for you old-man.

    Project Info:

    Project Time: Around 15 hours
    DvD Decrypter
    Vegas Video
    Virtual Dub

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