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  • Member: guy07
  • Title: Inner Termoil
  • Premiered: 2006-01-17
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    • Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Inner Universe
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  • Comments: Ok, this project WAS just going to be a quickie, u know, just somethign to pass the stime ...but then i really got into it, it ended up taking about 10 hours of editing time in the end, i must have rendered it 10 times before i got it the way i wanted it. I put in a few effects (not overdoing it like i tend to) and a lil bit of lip synch just for effect. There was so much i learned doing this video. It seems really basic, but i put as much into it as anyother video. People seem to like the GITS theme song cuz it's so ...meoldic, i guess. I tried to fit the video but i had to fit in a bit of combat and mental torment too. It's alot like my last video, but a bit better. I'm gona stop talking so u can watch it.

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