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  • Member: Yorae
  • Title: Tales
  • Premiered: 2006-01-19
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    • See-Saw Kimi Ga Ita Monogatari
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  • Comments: This vid is largely inspired by Geode's "insert disc II". I even used the same song. ^^;;; I just couldn't imagine the vid with another song, even after searching through tons of J-pop songs.

    Theme : I used the footage from the openings of a number of PS and PS2 games, mostly RPGs, and put the clips together in a vid talking about action, effects, action and more effects. =P All the openings are anime-style footage since I wanted things to remain consistant. I also did not feel very confident with working with 3D footage. The ripping of the PS2 dvds went nicely, but the PSX ones gave me footage with horrid quality and that would be my explanation for the varying degrees of quality of the footage used. ;)

    Time: two weeks and a total of about 80 hours. I was in a race against time to get it done before classes start.

    Effects : My main goal in this vid was to see where Ulead would take me in terms of effects and overlays. Some effects did not turn out as I would have liked, but overall I am happy with the outcome. I was a bit worried that I would run out of clips, but luckily that was not the case. =)

    That being said, please enjoy and tell me what you think in the form of an opinion, comment or email :D

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