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  • Member: DavePeterson
  • Studio: Cracked Hoe Productions
  • Title: Critical Instant
  • Premiered: 2002-08-10
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    • Mirwais Disco Science
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  • Comments: This video came about when I was watching a Guy Ritchie Film by the name of "Snatch". I was so impressed with the editing style and music chosen that I decided to buy both the movie and the OST. The cd included this song called Disco Science by a band named Mirwais. And well, I instantly knew what I had to do. A racing video. "But what to?" became the question.

    Now anyone who knows me, knew that for the longest time I had a grudge against Initial D. Shows like Nazca had burned me on combining the use of CG and Cell animation together. And well, seeing some of CG from the show, I was fairly unimpressed. plus I couldn't wrap my head around the art style. To top it off, someone described to me as the Fast and the Furious as an Anime. It was three strikes and your out buddy.

    Enter the Song. I need source. And using Speed Racer was out of the question. Not much else in the way of racing anime. Therefore I broke down for the sake of the video and bought Initial D. The whole series. And of course I have to sit down and watch it all to at least find source. And well, " I like Green Eggs and Ham!"

    Anyways, I made the video trying to produce a slick action vid(not something I usally do). I hope you enjoy it.

    Jingoro of Kimagure Orange Julius called it "A Fight Video with Cars."

    Critical Instant Appeared at:
    AWA 8

    It won the award for Best Instrumental at AWA 8

    I'll have system specs up soon enough.


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