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  • Member: priuscomet
  • Studio: Omni Strata Studios
  • Title: Infinity
  • Premiered: 2002-09-20
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    • ????? (silent)
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    [Thanks Gottaname for hosting this vid for the month of december. regular hosting will be added shortly, everyone.]


    Warning: Minor spoilers in this video.

    I was watching Chaos Angel’s “Trouble in Wonderland” vid and writing him a review when this idea popped into my head. To tell you the truth I didn’t get much done on his review that day when this idea struck me. I began to work on it immediately, laying out my ideas and such. At first I was going to make this a regular AMV…but I couldn’t find the perfect song to use and I’m a bit limited on my resources now that Audiogalaxy has gone down. Anyway, I don’t think there would have been a perfect song to go perfectly with the timing I have prepared for it. Silent films were always a kick, right? So there is nothing wrong with your computers and there is nothing wrong with my video when you do not hear any sounds. So don’t burn me when you don’t hear anything. I did that on purpose. And, yes, I know that the emphasis of this site is to catalogue anime MUSIC videos… but two out of three ain’t that bad, right? =P I am debating whether or not to create a version of this vid with audio. However, I’d have to find the perfect instrumental song. I’m already considering shortening my original idea to make it more entertaining just for you guys. ~_^

    I seem to change my mind on a lot of things. When this idea first entered my head I was also not going to use any characters in “Onegai Teacher” and make it an odd video that would focus on my thoughts about the universe. But then I got to thinking…wait a minute, Onegai Teacher has a great focus about the universe in Kei’s viewpoint. So I decided to make it a character profile on Kei and his one-of-a-kind illness of “withdrawing” into his own world. If you have not seen Onegai Teacher then you probably won’t understand Kei’s condition. But I tried my best to make it for even the newest of people to understand what’s going on in my video. The vid is pretty much self-explanatory… there are many layers of themes i'm trying to portray in this short vid. and yesh, i know it is short...i do realize that. anyway, the central theme is to strike the viewer to think about reality. to think about what goes on in their life and decide if they think its better to slip into a world of fantasy or to go on with reality and experience the joys as well as teh pain of life. the other themes are more centralized to the anime. one of them is the choice Kei Kusanagi (main character here) must face...whether he should "withdraw" from reality or stay and continue loving Mizuho (the red head girl here) even if it means hurting other people. i didn't draw out what happens to Kei when he did decide...rather i focused on his thoughts as he debated with himself whether all the pain was worth facing. I presented what he could loose and what he could gain. the ending is a bit vague, yesh i know...but it serves as a interest tugger to those who haven't seen Onegai Teacher and it doesn't give out the ending. =P

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